Man Dramatically Removes Plastic Ring From Swan's Body

StoryfulPublished: March 2, 201765,770 views
Published: March 2, 2017

At first glance, it’s hard to know what this man had planned for this swan, but it turns out he was being a very kind citizen indeed. Stefan Broeckling was feeding the swans in Duesseldorf, Germany, when he noticed that one swan was caught in a plastic ring.

Although it may not have looked like Stefan Broeckling was doing a good deed, he saw the danger signs and went on a mission to rescue the swan from the plastic band. Stefan bravely grabbed the swan out of the lake. He jumped in quickly and fished out the swam off the lake and wrestled with it on the deck, because he wanted to remove a plastic ring from around bird's neck.

The kind man reacted quickly in a swift move that must have looked quite alarming to people watching. However, moments later we see that he is not trying to harm the swan. After a brief wrestle with the bird Mr Broeckling removed the plastic ring that was caught on its neck, cuts off the ring and sets the flapping bird free, back into the lake.

Fuss and feathers! Watch the startling moment when a man grabs a swan by the neck and wrestles with it for the bird’s own good! He is the hero of the story!

The swan. It is the embodiment of grace and everything that it is accompanied by. They are just one of the most beautiful and treasured creatures known to this planet. This is an incredible moment when a man tackles a swan in a lake to free it from a plastic ring stuck around its body. Good for this man for trying to relieve the pain that this swan was experiencing. Faith in humanity restored!

With everything that is going on in nature, it is our duty to help some of these defenseless animals from the outside forces that we have imposed on them. They didn't choose to live with these easily avoidable complications.

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