Skiers Follow Smoldering Boulder As It Rolls Down Mount Etna

Storyful Published March 2, 2017 176,496 Plays

Rumble After a quiet 2016, Italy’s Mount Etna volcano began a period of activity in late January. A strong eruption was seen on the night of February 27, continuing for the next few days. The video shows some skiers following a smoldering bolder as it rolls down the slopes of the volcano.

This has to be the strangest video you will see all day and if it isn’t then we are worried about your viewing affinities! What can be more bizarre to see then a group of skiers that follow a smoking, flaming ball of volcanic rock down a somewhat snowy flank of the most active volcano in all of Europe!

The eruption didn’t cause must of a disturbance to the peaceful island of Sicily, but the open sore on Earth’s crust did spew flaming boulders a decent distance from the cauldron. Authorities said the outpouring of lava and gas did not pose a risk to the surrounding towns on the island.

Mount Etna became quite the attraction recently, when three adventurous ladies took to the flanks of the volcano to go skiing on volcanic sands! The girls looked like heroines from a sci-fi novel, sliding down the black sand like it was the finest powder on the Alps.


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