Man Throws Rock Into Garden Tree and This Happens

StoryfulPublished: March 2, 2017280 views
Published: March 2, 2017

What happens when you throw a rock into a tree? There are potentially many different outcomes, but the exercise usually doesn’t encourage a huge amount of pollen puffing out. As Clint Rusing, the thrower of the rock at his home in Prescott, Arizona, explains: “I was sitting in my house and looked out of the window and saw all of this stuff swirling around outside and thought it was smoke”, said Clint. “I ran out because I thought there was a fire, but I realized it was just coming off of the tree. I grabbed my girlfriend and had her film me throwing a rock into the tree. After the pollen came out of the tree, it all started blowing towards me, so I had to run inside really fast to get away from it!”

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