Smart Beagle Uses Camouflage To Win The Game Of Hide And Seek

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: March 1, 20175,909 views
Published: March 1, 2017

One of the best parts of having a dog companion is playing with your furry friend. Teaching your dog to play hide and seek is a fun workout for both the brain and the body. Here is one video of a dog who mastered the hiding part so well that he took the game to a whole different level!

If your family had a dog while you were growing up, then your childhood is probably full of memories of all the great times you had together. Dogs are just like kids and they love to play! One of the best games to play with a dog is hide and seek. Dogs are the best at sniffing out where we hide, and they love to play. Watch as this little girl plays hide and seek with her two Beagle puppies.

One family dog has learned that the best way to win in this game is to camouflage in the environment and make it impossible to be spotted with naked eye. What started as a game of hide and seek, quickly evolved into one of the best home detective movies. Footage shows a little girl playing hide and seek with her two Beagle puppies. When it is girl’s turn to seek, one of the Beagle puppies grabs a tree branch and uses it to hide in the nearby bushes making it impossible to see.

When the other Beagle puppy was unable to spot him, he used his sense of smell to track him down to the bushes, and used little girl’s help to reveal his hiding spot. Hilarious! This clever Beagle took the game to a whole new level and gave us a great idea for our next hiding spot!

Adorable puppy playing hide n seek with baby | Charlie The Beagle
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