Bella Thorne SLAMMED on Twitter Over Chandler Parsons by Savannah Chrisley

HollyscoopPublished: March 1, 20173 views
Published: March 1, 2017

Alert, alert- there's a new feud / love triangle emerging in Hollywood. There may be a new feud between Savannah Christley, from the reality show Christley Knows Best, and Bella Thorne, and it's all over a guy- a pro basketball guy that is. His name is Chandler Parsons. But we need to back up to where this all began. Last week, on Access Hollywood, Savannah was doing an interview with her dad. When they asked her about her relationship with Chandler, she said, "We're friends, like we met, I've gone to a game. We hangout. He's a fun person to hang out with. He's sweet, we have fun, so we'll see where it goes." But then Savannah's Dad jumped in saying, "Listen, he's got a great personality. But, you know, he's an NBA player. I think in the NBA, you know- they're hoe hounds." Obviously this sparked a ton of romance rumors. But then Savannah took to her instagram to clarify. She posted this quote "Let's Get One Thing Straight. I'm Not," with the caption, "@chandlerparsons who?" So the coast is clear for Bella Thorne to move in on him right? Well it looks that way at least.This week, Bella Thorne went to Chandler's game- wait for it- decked out in a purple wig, wearing his jersey with a fishnet shirt underneath, and his number painted on her FACE. Not only this, but she posted a ton of pictures and videos to her socials. In one video she zooms in on his socks and refers to him as, "Babe." Now call me crazy, but that dedication seems a little strong to be just a fan, right? Is it safe to say THEY'RE dating? Meanwhile, one would think Savannah wouldn't care two hoots about this. But at the very SAME TIME, Savannah went on Instagram live and talked all about how fishnets shouldn't make a comeback unless it's for a Halloween costume. Ok first of all, I disagree- the 90's are back and So. Are. Fishnets. I've seen people on The Real wearing fishnet shirts, and Mel B wore one recently. So girl bye. Second of all- I want your opinion. Do you think this is the beginning of a new feud? And are you Team Bella or Team Savannah? Let me know in the comments below.

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