81-Year-OId Man Shows Off Virtuoso Guitar Skills

Storyful Published March 1, 2017 3,642,564 Plays

Rumble Move over, Rolling Stones – there’s a new senior guitarist in town! Mick and the band might be in their 70s and rocking solid, but Bob Wood here is 81 years old and still going strong on the guitar.

The senior citizen from Nashville, Tennessee blew the minds of the employees at a local guitar shop and subsequently the minds of everyone who has access to the World Wide Web, when the shop, confusingly named British Audio Service uploaded a video of Bob playing an impressive version of the standard “Besame Mucho” in their salon.

The video racked over 2 million views and the Internet can’t keep its mouth shut about the frail musician. They wanted to know everything about him, and Wood’s immediate family and friends were more than happy to oblige in the comments.

Wood, who has nine children of his own, grew up playing music in the Shenandoah Valley, and was signed on as a regular performer at Jamboree USA in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1970, where he performed for 10 years. He was named Entertainer of the Year by Eastern States Country Music Inc., and in 2007, he was inducted into the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame. Wood cut several albums during his career, including an ice-cold piece of ’70s-era cool, Bob Wood Plays It Cool.

The liner notes on the album contain a testimonial from none other than country guitar legend Carl Perkins:

“If kindness, concern for fellowman, loyalty to wife and family have anything to do with the making of a man, then my friends, meet a man, Bob Wood. Besides being a friend, I regard Bob as one of the very few great stylists on guitar. Talents are essential in the music business, being a man is helpful in any field. Combined you don’t miss. Now enjoy with me, an album by just such a person, my friend, Bob Wood.”

Watching these clips serves as a reminder that, at the end of the day, age is just a number and you are, in fact, as old as you feel. Just like these two amazing ladies proved with their exceptional skills, something most 20- and 30-year-olds can’t even begin to fathom.

Jean Phelps Veloz is an icon of 'Hollywood-Style Lindy Hop' for the current swing dancing generation. She’s a living bridge from the Los Angeles dance scene of the 1940's to the present-day Lindy Hop revival that is currently sweeping through the United States and the rest of the world.

Jean grabs her partners, and simply dances. And boy, is she setting the bar so high for all those watching her and contemplating whether to even try to give her some competition. Young men line up to have the honor of dancing with the 90-year-old dancing queen during SEA Jam 2014 dance camp, organized by Jitterbugs Swingapore and Bangkok Swing. Now that's impressive!

How about this impressive footage showing 91-year-old gymnast Johanna Quaas raising herself on the parallel bars with incredible ease at the Internationales Deutsches Turnfest Berlin competition. Quaas used to be a sport teacher and still trains daily practicing gymnastics and swimming. During the 1960s in former GDR she trained gymnasts who were selected for 1964 Summer Olympics.


  • JoKidd, 2 years ago

    Just goes to show your never too old!

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    • Aqualung, 2 years ago

      As my old friend Jethro used to say, you're never to old to rock and roll, if you're too young to die.

      2 rumbles
  • Michaela, 2 years ago

    Why is this STUNNING? Because he's old? Because no one ever played a guitar before 2000? Because older people have no skills? The title to this is an insult to this man. I'll bet he served in many wars and this is no way to respect him.

    2 rumbles
    • KDee, 2 years ago

      Chill out! Stunning because his fingers have such dexterity! -To me at least.

      2 rumbles
    • Des, 2 years ago

      What makes you think he has served in many wars is it because he's old? Or do you think all old people have served in many wars? Or are you just generalising

      2 rumbles
    • pauly1651, 1 year ago

      My goodness, what IS your problem?? At 81 it is amazing to me that he still has nimble fingers!

      2 rumbles
  • marymoonlite, 2 years ago

    Everybody gets old, even great guitarists

    2 rumbles
  • student, 2 years ago

    Why WOULDN'T an 81-year-old be able to play the guitar well?

    2 rumbles
  • Tricia, 2 years ago

    Most Excellent!

    2 rumbles
  • flyfinn, 2 years ago

    Add a comment...should be called Chet Atkins 2nd

    1 rumble
  • KDee, 2 years ago

    Just WoW!!!

    1 rumble
  • tommylee1963, 2 years ago

    Agreed. Not so amazing...he's probably been playing for 60+ yrs. What IS amazing is LOOK AT THAT HAIR -- he still has it all. Amazing? Not really...cool as hell? absolutely. Rock on grandpa

    0 rumbles
  • kev596, 2 years ago

    He keeps his arthritis below his hips. What did he do that amazed every body? Breathe?

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  • tigheconey, 2 years ago

    Riffing on "Besame Mucho" - awesome!

    2 rumbles
  • kirk123, 2 years ago

    good playing

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  • calizd, 2 years ago

    The song name is "Bésame Mucho" ("Kiss me a lot") is a song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez.

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  • youareboring, 1 year ago

    People will blow anything out of proportion to get some attention they won't ever get in real life. It's an old gentlemen playing a guitar with DECENT guitar skills, that is all. 2 Million views on facebook ALONE!? WOW your life must be interesting as fuck.

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