Watch What This Elephant Does When It Can't Cross The Road

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Published: March 1, 2017

It looks like nothing is going to stop this elephant from getting across to the other side of the road, not even railway barriers! A mood-lifting video shows an elephant carefully lifting a railway barrier to make his way across some train tracks. The elephant was trapped near a railway crossing just outside Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary in India's West Bengal State.

Eyewitnesses said the elephant made many attempts to cross the tracks but failed to do so because of the metal fence. That wasn't going to stop this elephant. The determined elephant then made his way to the railway barrier and got across the train tracks. This elephant is very strong and smart! It goes to show that if you put your mind to something, even if it is difficult, you can succeed!

Elephants belong to the family Elephantidae, the sole remaining family within the order Proboscidea which belongs to the superorder Afrotheria. Their closest extant relatives are the sirenians (dugongs and manatees) and the hyraxes, with which they share the clade Paenungulata within the superorder Afrotheria. Elephants and sirenians are further grouped in the clade Tethytheria. Three species of elephants are recognized; the African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) and forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) of sub-Saharan Africa, and the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) of South and Southeast Asia.

African elephants have larger ears, a concave back, more wrinkled skin, a sloping abdomen, and two finger-like extensions at the tip of the trunk. Asian elephants have smaller ears, a convex or level back, smoother skin, a horizontal abdomen that occasionally sags in the middle and one extension at the tip of the trunk. The looped ridges on the molars are narrower in the Asian elephant while those of the African are more diamond-shaped. The Asian elephant also has dorsal bumps on its head and some patches of depigmentation on its skin. In general, African elephants are larger than their Asian cousins.

Check out this video of an elephant lifting a barrier to get across the train tracks!

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  • 1 rumble
    Chant · 1 year ago

    Where was the train?

  • 1 rumble
    rmarty77777 · 35 weeks ago

    Lucky for the Elephant a train didn't come through and kill him him. Lucky for people on the train too!