Well Mannered Pup Knows When To Stay Out Of The Kitchen

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Published: March 1, 2017

Let’s be honest - wherever we go, our dogs are sure to follow. They love being in our company, firstly because they like pleasing the alpha in the pack (that would be you) and secondly because they just can’t stand being apart from us. Most of the times it is cute, but when they follow you into the bathroom or in the kitchen, it can get very annoying very fast.

All dogs are known to follow their owners to the kitchen, because they know that when you are there, there is likely to be a morsel or two dropped on the floor for them. Mmmmm, sweet salami...If it is fine with you, then you can let them be. But since it is an animal we are talking about, going into an area where food is prepared, it might be best for the pet to stay away from there.

Boundaries are crucial. We train our dogs day in and out and expect them to comply. Most of that training is forgotten when they shoot you a look with those puppy eyes, but here you have to be adamant about it!

When you notice the pooch entering the kitchen, face them directly and march towards them. If they try to skid left or right, copy their movement until they move back out. The idea is to convey the message that you do not agree with their attempts. Be firm about it and before you know it, your pooch will be waiting for your return from the kitchen right at the doorstep.

Charlie the Beagle has been taught with a similar technique. We know how much he likes to steal food, so his owners have made it clear that he is not welcome in the cooking area. The moment he notices his owner spotting him, well mannered Charlie goes back where he came from and even closes the door. Such a clever pup!

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