Run With Purpose | Run Light | Reebok

relaxonlinePublished: March 1, 2017
Published: March 1, 2017

Run With Purpose | Run Light | Reebok
To kick off the "Run With Purpose" series, Reebok introduces 3 runners and their involvement in San Francisco’s tight-knit running community. Meet Strength and Endurance Coach Nate Helming, whose running enlightenment didn’t come while crossing a finish line or reaching the podium. It happened while he was injured.

Ever since he was sidelined for weeks seeing specialists for a calf and hamstring injury, he has trained, competed and coached differently.

“It wasn’t until I brought back a much more holistic athletic lifestyle into my running that not only did my body heal itself, but I also started to perform on another level too,” he says. “Since then, I’ve been helping other runners figure out this balance.”

Learn how Helming realized that putting in the miles wasn’t enough to keep him healthy and improving, and how his coaching focuses on all-around training to enable others to run their best.

“To get better, runners have to run a lot,” he says. “But for us to be able to consistently run a lot, we have to be athletes. We have to move like athletes, we have to strength train like athletes, and we have to work on injury prevention like athletes.”

However you run, run with purpose. Run light, Run long, Run tough with Reebok

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