Lion Cub Delivers His Best Roar

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWatch as this adorable, little lion delivers his best roar that he can! It is so cute that your heart is going to melt!

This cub's sister died shortly after their birth. He was a part of the third pair of cubs born to the pride that year. The cubs are routinely separated from their mother after birth in order to get them acclimated to their handlers and also to keep a better eye on their growth and development. The cubs were part of an educational program at the facility geared towards school kids. He was eventually reunited with his mother and the rest of the lions. So cute!

This tiny lion looks like a plush toy and may sound terrifically adorable when it tries to growl, but when he grows up, his growl will be the sound of fear and respect in a 5 mile radius on a wind still day. If you stand at a meter's distance from a full grown lion, their roar can clock at 114 decibels. For comparison, a jackhammer at work clocks at about 100 decibels at the same distance.

Although they are called “Kings of the jungle”, lions actually cannot be found in the rain forests of Central Africa. Their natural habitat are actually the grasslands in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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  • missvirgule, 2 years ago

    "programme éducatif"... de garder des lionceaux en cage à la disposition de gosses... c'est triste :-( "Educational program" ... to keep caged lion cubs at the disposal of kids ... it's sad :-(

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