A Swarm Of Migrating Spider Crabs Rip Octopus Apart

StoryfulPublished: March 1, 2017227,038 views
Published: March 1, 2017

A shot worthy of a zombie flick, as an innocent soul, found on the wrong place in the wrong time get ripped to pieces by a bloodthirsty horde. Melbourne divers were surprised to see spider crabs migrating to Port Phillip Bay on February 25, an annual migration that normally occurs from May to July as ocean waters cools, according to ABC Australia.

Diver Chiharu Shimowada has been diving for over 10 years, but told Storyful he had never experienced anything like this. When he went diving, many crabs had congregated and could be seen tearing apart what looked like an octopus, an event which can seen in the video.

“This spectacular natural phenomena is well known amongst Melbourne diving community…The crabs stay [in] [the] very shallow waters, so anyone can go and see this amazing event,” Shimowada said.

The reason behind these crustaceans’ migration to shallow waters is unknown, as well as the reason why these usually solitary critters gather together in such a massive swarm. In autumn, they can reach numbers of up to 100,000 in the shallows near port Phillip, where they mold and grow new shells. Some speculate that the sheer number is what keeps them safe from predators during this vulnerable period, because until they grow their new shells, the crabs are soft on the outside as well.

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      judithacrow · 1 year ago

      Poor octopus! They are amazing creatures. Higher intelligence than dolphins. Cousteau loved them. Crabs would probably have voted for Trump. But they couldn't get themselves out of the water.