Dog And Baby Meet Adorable Puppy For The First Time

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: March 1, 201712,519 views
Published: March 1, 2017

Charlie the Beagle has been best friends with toddler Laura Olivia since the day her parents brought her to their home. Even though Charlie has been their favorite until that point, he did not feel any lack of attention or affection due to the arrival of the new pack member. He did, however, have some mishaps on the way to everlasting friendship, like taking Olivia’s blankie away and then returning it to her with kisses. They are so adorable!

A few years later, the time came for both Charlie and Olivia to get a new buddy in their team! Olivia’s parents decided that one dog just doesn’t cut it, so they brought a Beagle puppy to join the Charlie & Olivia power team!

Olivia might have been too young to understand, but Charlie knew perfectly well what was happening outside the front door. While the little girl played with her toys, Charlie can be seen jumping up and down and running around the living room in expectation. The way his tail wags is a sure indicator that Charlie is more than excited to meet this new family member!

The door opens to show Olivia’s mom holding Lilly the baby Beagle in her arms. Charlie can’t wait to play with the new puppy, lifting his head up to sniff it. The connection has been made. Mom gets inside and lets Lilly on the ground to meet the rest of the troops. The moment tiny paws touch the floor, the two pups start doing what all pups do to to introduce - they stiff each other’s butts!

Tails wag all around, meaning that Lilly’s arrival was accepted with success!

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