Playful Pooch Takes Blanket From Baby, Regrets It And Puts It Back

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: February 28, 201765,755 views
Published: February 28, 2017

It looks like Charlie the Beagle has always had a jealous thing towards his new sibling Laura. We have seen him take a toy right from under Laura nose back when she was so tiny, she couldn’t speak up her mind. With her favorite toy gone, he made her cry, so we saw the rest of that video with Charlie bringing all the toys he could find back to baby Laura, as an apology!

Now he is back in his olden ways! We see baby Laura sitting in her baby swing, clinging onto her pink blankie. In comes Charlie, he scouts the situation and begins his prep. First, he looks around the place, as if to check if someone’s watching (even though his owner is clearly there, filming the whole thing), throw a bit of a distraction for the girl and then comes over and casually snags the blankie right from her hands! He is just incorrigible!

His owner caught that and scolded him on the spot, before he could get away with it. Ashamed, Charlie brings Laura her fluffy pink blankie back and tops it off with slobbery doggy kisses. He then turns around and looks at his owner with those big hazel eyes, “I am sorry” pouring from them. It is okay, buddy, just make sure not to do it again!

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      tjames35 · 22 weeks ago

      yes he is a goood booooy :)