Jimmy Kimmel SLAYS the 2017 Oscars

HollyscoopPublished: February 27, 201712 views
Published: February 27, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the kings of late night TV and now he is the KING of the Oscars! This man singlehandedly kicked the Oscars Ass, and in a good way! Now, I was skeptical about him at first, would he try too hard and his jokes would flop, would he be as epic and history making as Ellen DeGeneres was in 2014, would he even show up for the event?? Okay, so the last one is a no brainer, of course he would show up, but you know what I mean! So, Jimmy Kimmel literally made dreams come true at last night’s Oscars! He took a tour bus full of well tourists and tricked them into coming into the 89 th Academy Awards! They all though they were going to the Wax Museum but in reality they were heading into the BIGGEST, most star studded event of all time! And their reactions were priceless. Really people… can’t you just put your phone down for a second and absorb all the star power and money that is right in front of your FACE!!! It’s on TV, it is going down in history, personally I’d be all over Ryan Gosling and Denzel… just sayin’ Then like James Corden did at the Grammys with his carpool karaoke, Kimmel took something from his own late night TV show and incorporated it into the Oscars….Mean Tweets, Oscars Edition. One mean tweeter even went on to say of Gosling’s co-star in LaLa Land… “Emma Stone looks like a crackwhore in every role she plays! And my all time favorite… “Samuel L. Jackson looks like he has resting fart face!” and he said, I DO!!!! This is freakin hysterical, I LOVE IT!!! Okay, so the greatness of Jimmy’s hosting doesn’t end there, he made candy, cookies and all sorts of sweet treats fall from the sky… He had is own TV show assistant Guierllmo help him out during the Oscars, he shamelessly made countless jabs at President Trump AND Meryl Streep! Kimmel even threw his good buddy Matt Damon under the bus numerous times! The Best part about their little beef with one another, during Damon’s presentation of Best Original Screenplay, Kimmel did not acknowledge him as he walked out with Ben Affleck, he was simply referred to as guest, and every time Damon went to speak, he was played off by the orchestra and could barely get through any of his presentation… of course Kimmel was down in the pit directing the orchestra! Yes, you guys, this really happened and it was AWESOMEE!!!!! This year’s Oscars were definitely way more fun than any Oscars to date, but I want to hear what you think. Were you impressed with Kimmel, did this year’s award show keep you hooked or were you in bed by 8 and totally not into it??? Shout it out in the comments below!

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