Incredible Footage Of Elephants Protecting Their Calf From Wild Dogs

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Published: February 27, 2017

Life in the wilderness is anything but easy. There are dangers lurking behind every tree, food is often hard to find and drinking water is getting scarcer by the minute due to climate change. You have to be extremely alert in order to survive. We know very well that the wild can be a very scary and unforgiving place for humans and the rest of the animals that populate it. The wilderness can be frightening, it is very true. That is why we have been advised to stay as far away from it as possible and be very careful when visiting such places.

Of course, if you're planning to go on a vacation somewhere in the wild savannas and deserts in the heart of Africa, please do keep in mind to reserve yourself a guide that will keep you safe and teach you all of the ropes of the wilderness. However, this video goes to show that the wild might not be as unforgiving as we have all thought.

In a clip reminiscent of an old-school western, a distressed elephant cries for help when her calf is attacked by wild dogs. No sooner has it vocalised its panic, in comes the cavalry! This has to be one of the most nail-biting safari videos shot, showing how one of Africa’s most fearsome hunters are no match for the most devoted of mothers in the wild and quickly become the hunted ones..

These wild dogs learned the hard way not to mess with these mammals when a massive parade of elephants emerged from the bushes to protect their tiny baby elephant. The mother knows that one false move with these wild dogs could mean death for her youngster, so she does what every mother would do and calls for help!

Out of nowhere, the herd assembles in a cloud of dust, ready to charge, causing the dogs to call off their hunt. This astounding footage was shot by Dennis Browning, a landscape company owner from Johannesburg, RSA, during a recent holiday at Ingwelala.

Later, Browning said: “When the elephant and her calf got within about 30 meters [100 feet] of the wild dogs she charged at them, trumpeting, scattering them in all directions, leaving her calf trailing behind. For the next minute there was a very noisy back and forth between the elephant and the wild dogs. She would charge at them trumpeting, they would scatter, only to quickly regroup and start making a move towards the small calf. By this time the rest of the herd of elephants had come charging in and were waiting at the top of the riverbank for the mother and her calf.”

This says a lot about the elephants species all together and how protective they can be of one another. Take a look!

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