Leonardo DiCaprio Accused of Causing Best Picture Mix-Up at 2017 Oscars with the WRONG Card

HollyscoopPublished: February 27, 201736 views
Published: February 27, 2017

It was perhaps the biggest faux pas in Oscar history - The award for Best picture was given to the WRONG FILM in a shocking end to tonight’s show. But how on earth could this have happened? Well, it didn’t take long before the internet came up with all kinds of theories as to how this shocking mistake happened. The biggest theory right now? The Oscars was sabotaged by Leonardo DiCaprio. WHAT?? Ok, to understand this theory, we have to go back to what happened. When Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the winner for best picture, there was some confusion on warren’s face. After the debacle, he explained the mistake. Twitter immediately lit up with the theory that Leonardo DiCaprio took the best actress card and somehow handed it warren for the best picture award. I blame Leo DiCaprio. he was the last person seen with Emma stone’s envelope before Warren Beatty came on stage. Another said, the envelope in warren beauty’s hands read actress in a leading role when announcing best picture. it was Leo DiCaprio’s fault. If we take a closer look at the card in warren’s hand, it DOES in fact say “Actress in a leading role.” He was holding the wrong card. Plus, when Emma and Leo walk off the stage after her win, he’s holding the card. But wait one second. Deadspin caught the pair backstage just moments after they left the stage. Take a look at who has the card. EMMA is holding her best actress card. Plus, Emma said this after the awards show in the pressroom, clearly hearing the commotion about the wrong card. Oh but wait again! We went back and rewatched that crazy moment on stage when Moonlight was announced the real winner after the mix-up. See right there! Emma is NOT holding her card. We can’t say for sure what happened here. Was there a duplicate card? Did Leo give Warren the wrong card - or was it Emma? We’re just thinking the same thing Jimmy Kimmel was thinking.

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