Miniature Horses Love Running In Circles With Their Canine Buddy

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Published: February 27, 2017

Probably, many people would like to know what animals do horses prefer as friends. Why do they find a common language with almost all living beings.? Why, despite being herbivores by nature, can they be most often seen with cats and dogs. Why, understanding their strength, they behave as if they are inferior to us, people, although we are much weaker than them. What is the reason for such friendliness?

Winter can be too much for some animals to handle, so instead of going out in the cold weather, they seem to find interesting ways of spending their day, while at night only a good sleep is in consideration. Miniature horses were first bred in Europe a few centuries ago, while later they were seen as pets of nobility. Now they can be found in lots of countries around the world. These tiny animals are very friendly and their docile nature makes them attractive pets, especially for households with children and other animals. Their playful attitude is well known, but having a private race inside a barn, organized on their own? You wouldn’t believe it.

Their carer, Alicia, said it was nice to see how far they have come since they were rescued from a neglectful home.

When it was too icy for these miniature horses to safely go outside, they got the idea of stretching their legs by running around the barn! And as you can see in this video, it wasn’t their idea, but the dog’s. Their buddy put on a green west an took the lead. Running around the horse stables is more interesting that laying all day long or freezing their butts in the cold weather. Even though these ponies compared to conventional-sized horses are tiny, they can still know how to giddyap and gallop, just like their big counterparts, and do it with their own style.

One of them stays behind the group in the first round, but after a while, it manages to catch up with the others.

After seeing this footage you will definitely get the idea that obviously people who work in stables and take care of animals, mostly of horses, are having a good time while doing their job!

I'm sure you will agree that horses are one of the most majestic and beautiful animals on the planet. Despite the fact that they can easily crush us with their sized and immensely powerful hooves and therefore inspire fear, horses are very tender and beautiful creatures. And they show their tenderness in a wonderful way.

Apparently, horses are polyglots. They understand the language of those animals that live next to them. If we watch the zebras, we will see that they do not always run away if they saw a lioness or other predator near the herd. They understand when a predator just runs about his business, and when he went hunting. All animals have a so-called body language and gestures.

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