How To Play Skip Bo! With Actual Gameplay

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Published: February 26, 2017Updated: February 27, 2017

How To Play Skip-Bo. A fun card game that happens to be a good alternative for UNO. If your name is Bo, this might not be your favorite game. This game is for 2-6 players. In this video we will show you an example of a 2 player game. If you have more than 2 people playing, the same rules will apply, you would just need to deal out more decks. To begin with, make sure you shuffle well to avoid a series of identical numbers during gameplay. Then deal out 15, 20, or 30 cards to each player, depending on how long of a game you want to play. These decks remain face down. They will be your stock piles. The remaining cards will be your Draw pile. To win the game, a player must discard every card in his or her stock pile. Then, each player draws 5 cards into their hand. To begin the game, each player flips over the top card of their stock pile and the youngest player gets to go first and clockwise from there. Now you can start making building piles. Building piles need to start from either a 1 or a Skip-Bo and then in numerical order need to get to 12. During your turn you can play the top card of your stock pile, cards from your hand, or the top cards of your discard piles. The maximum amount of building piles that can be started is 4. And the maximum discard piles each player can have is also 4. A player’s turn ends when he can’t or refuses to make a play. At the end of a turn the player MUST discard one card into one of his discard piles. At the beginning of every turn the player whose turn it is draws cards from the draw pile until he or she has 5 cards in their hand. SKIP-BO cards are wild cards. They can be used as any numbers. If a player uses all 5 cards in his hand during his turn, he draws 5 more cards from the draw pile and the play continues. (Putting your last card into a discard pile does not count) If you run out of cards in the Draw Pile, shuffle all the completed building piles and put back into Draw Pile. And the game ends when one player discards all the cards from their stock pile. At this point all the other players have nothing else to do but congratulate the winner!

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