Shay Mitchell's HILARIOUS 'Beauty and the Beast' Sequel Audition on Instagram

HollyscoopPublished: February 24, 201720 views
Published: February 24, 2017

Ok, everyone is getting super excited for Beauty and the Beast - like hello, I can’t stop talking about - and that’s because it’s a really big deal. At least to me, and Shay Mitchell. So is Shay hoping to be cast in the sequel or something, cause the pretty little liars star is the spitting image of the Disney character, especially all dressed up in that yellow gown! I know the film is wrapped and we’re sure Emma Watson did a great job and all, but hey, Shay wouldn’t have been a bad choice! So Shay filmed a secret, Disney inspired project yesterday and documented the behind the scenes on her Instagram story. Thought she didn’t give us any idea as to WHAT the project is, she did reveal it has something to do with Beauty and the Beast. Here’s the actress in Belle’s more casual dress. And then Shay glammed in up in the iconic yellow number! See the beast in the background? Luckily Shay shared a full photo with her “cast” Belle, the beast, and we’re assuming Gaston! Although that dude on the left is holding a gun, so now we REALLY want to know what’s going on. In Shay’s final post, she looked just like the Disney princess aptly writing, The End. Sequel? Looks like Shay’s making a case to be Belle. But for now we’re stuck with Emma Watson - oh darn. And my did that girl look gorgeous yesterday at the first Beauty and the Beast premiere in london. Emma chose NOT to wear yellow, and instead was compared to another Disney princess, Cinderella in a gray gown with a huge train. I know we’ve been saying this for months now, but the time has almost come and this move is gonna be HUGE! Disney is going to be very happy with these projections. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Beauty and the Beast could rake in 120 million dollars in North American on Opening weekend -which in March 17th if you needed a reminder. That’s a lofty goal, however 120 wouldn’t come close to beating the current record holder for top earning movie in March. That title belongs to Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, which brought in 160 million opening weekend last year. So who makes a better Belle, Shay Mitchell, or Emma Watson? Let me know in the comments below.

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