Dog Fell Into Freezing Water, Thanks To A Brave Firefighter Her Life Was Saved

Storyful Published February 24, 2017 2,474 Plays

Rumble Wintertime can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Yes, it is all snowy and white, but it is also slippery. “Walking on thin ice” has its full meaning. Once you “step on your wrong foot” it can be a problem.

Lots of lakes, especially in the northern part of the USA, can be a tricky place for walking. Dogs as any other animal want to run and chase things. Because they like swimming during the summer, they probably think that it's a good idea to do it in the winter too. But in most cases, the ice poses a huge problem – because it can easily be broken.

Maggie, a family dog, and her owner went for a morning winter walk at the Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts. As her owner was tossing her favorite toy, she somehow managed to find herself standing over the frozen pond. That was not the problem, but it became frightening when she started walking deeper and deeper towards the center of the pond where the ice was thiner. The ice broke and she fell into the freezing water.

Her desperate owner started yelling for help. Luckily, a passerby noticed the dog stuck in the frozen pond and her owner shouting for help. It was the same person who shot this video and called emergency services.

The local fire department immediately showed up and rescued the dog, named Maggie, and returned her to her owner. The incident occurred one day after firefighters in Duxbury, Massachusetts, reported the rescue of another dog that fell through thin ice.