Flybe Plane Crash Lands at Schiphol Airport

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Published: February 23, 2017

Dramatic video shows the landing gear of a Flybe aircraft collapse during touchdown at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on February 23. Flight BE1284 was arriving from Edinburgh when it came down heavy on the runway during strong winds. This video captures the plane touching down hard on its right side, resulting in the landing gear collapsing as it landed. Photographers Dennis Janssen was at the airport to shoot footage of planes landing during the adverse weather when he captured this incident by chance.

Incidences like this can be really scary, especially for the people inside the plane. Good thing everyone and the plane was alright as this could have been pretty disastrous. What luck that this was caught on camera as this footage will be good for future investigation! Flying can be scary but it is still a lot safer then driving!

Being a pilot must be a pretty fun job despite having stresses such as this one. A lot of people dream of becoming pilots but never end up because their life goes in a different direction. They could always purchase some awesome r-c planes from Amazon to satisfy their aviation urges!

What was your craziest plane experience? Let us know down in the comments!

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      Death_at_the_Door · 36 weeks ago

      better than the person i know that took out street lights at the airport taxing.. then another time he retracted the landing gear while in holding.. once the right came up it was too late to reverse it, crush the right side belly.. which was great, it provided me with extra income in repairing it... $80,000.00 in labor, parts and paint..