Going into trance (Lên đồng or Hầu đồng)

sctech1080Published: February 23, 201716 views
Published: February 23, 2017

Lên đồng "going into trance"; alternately, hầu bóng ("receiving incarnations of the deities") or hầu đồng) is a ritual of spirit mediumship practiced in the Vietnamese indigenous religion and Đạo Mẫu, a Vietnamese mother goddess religion, in which followers become mediums for various deities. Sessions involve a number of artistic elements, such as music, singing, dance and the use of costumes. The invocation songs (Vietnamese: hát văn) used to induce a trance in mediums have been described as a "particularly noteworthy expression of the performing art of the Kinh people";the lên đồng ritual itself is considered to be an element of Vietnam's intangible cultural heritage.

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