Siberian Husky Is Super Excited For The Dog Park

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Published: February 22, 2017

Nothing gets this cute Siberian Husky more excited than a trip to the park. The pooch was unaware of where they were heading until owner Ashley said those two magic words: dog park! Miska couldn’t contain her excitement and began to hop around the car with joy, howling and squealing like she is a little puppy again!

And why wouldn't she? The vast green space, all the doggy friends to play with, all the zoomies she can manage and so. Much. More! Oooh, so much fun!

Originally bred as sled dogs – some are still employed in this capacity – the Siberian Husky is an amazing dog, with a staggering ability to learn. One might fall in love with their adventurous spirit, but that is precisely why the Husky is not a breed for everyone.

Sure, they have an abundance of positive traits, their beauty being just one. They are incredibly intelligent and affectionate towards everyone, but do not pester you for attention. Huskies love children and welcome everyone into their home, which makes them terrible guard dogs.

They also need a lot of obedience training, but can often distinguish between “class” and “home” - behaving pristinely in class and going wild at home.

Whatever their traits, Huskies are remarkable dogs, so if you have the time and the patience, then you have found yourself a companion!

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      sevendays · 1 year ago

      What a beauty! Please take a video of Miska arriving at the dog park and greeting her friends!