Young People Fall Through Icy Central Park Pond

Storyful Published February 21, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Dramatic footage has revealed the moment a group of young people fell through the ice on a pond in Central Park, New York City, on Monday, February 19. According to NBC New York, the young people struggled to get out of the water before they were rescued by a group of people. Channel 9 News reported one of the rescuers was an Australian model, Ethan Turnbull, who described the young people in the water as “overwhelmed” before they were pulled to safety. According to CNN, the young people, of various ages, were sliding around on the ice before they decided to take a “selfie”, and gathered together on the frozen pond. Lourdes Cuevas, who was at the scene, told Storyful all involved were safe and uninjured.