Adorable Puppy Has Hilarious Sneeze

Published February 21, 2017 3,726 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOne fluffy white pup has become a worldwide phenomenon after a video of him sneezing in the most hilarious way possible went viral overnight. In just 11 seconds this clip has turned our lives upside down with his gyrating sneeze! But when we learned why it has been happening to him, we felt a bit bad.

Bless Roux! – this adorable Pomeranian has the cutest sneeze. Four-year-old Roux makes one of the internet’s most remarkable noises because of his allergies.

Lying on his back, the pooch sounds more like a car failing to start than a sneezy pooch, as he shakes his head around in the middle of a sneeze. The sound that comes out is just too much to bear, but we can’t help but laugh, even if it is pollen or dust bunnies that cause it! He is just so darndest cute!

After that sneeze, he goes straight back to relaxing as if nothing happened. Poor guy must be so used to his condition. His owners, Jake and Laura Kulbeth from Lafayette doesn’t seem to mind his sneeze one bit. We just hope they keep it under control.

The Pomeranian is a dog of the Spitz type and is a toy breed. It is named for the Pomerania region in Eastern Europe and is a popular breed due to the fact that a number of royals have owned them since the 18th century.

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