Humpback Whale Breaches Surface By Docks

Published February 21, 2017 65,036 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe humpback whale is a representative of the whale family. This mammal inhabits the marine expanses of the Southern Hemisphere. The second name is a humpback. He got his name for the manner of swimming - when the humpback floats, it strongly arches its back. In summer, this whale inhabits the waters of the Southern Ocean, and for the winter it sails to the north and lives in tropical and subtropical waters. It is there that the humpback whales are mating. Then the humpback returns to the familiar southern waters. The mammal is so fond of Antarctica that it overcomes thousands of kilometers to return to its native cold waters in 6 weeks. There they live in flocks. each flock lives independently of each other and is a separate family. Each flock, in turn, consists of several groups which consist of 4 to 5 individuals. Some males live as singles, and females live in the company of their cubs.

This is the incredible moment a humpback whale feeds just feet away from docked boats showing off his giant mouth. Fisherman Cy Williams watched as the behemoth majestically beached the surface of the water at Knudson Cove Marina, Alaska, USA.

As Cy tried to follow the whale’s path under the stationary vessels– including his own – on Monday, May 2, he spotted bubbles heading toward the surface. Suddenly the gaping jaws of the mammoth mammal shot into the air, taking a massive gulp on the way back.

“It was breathtaking," Williams said. "I genuinely thought it was going to hit the boat or the dock as it was so big."

Leigh Torres, a marine ecologist and National Geographic explorer who is also a professor at Oregon State University, said that seeing the animal so close to the docks is surprising. The humpback whale populations are expanding, so they are probably looking for a new location to find their prey, or avoid competition. Despite the close quarters, this individual seems to be using the “bubble net” technique, where they blow a ring of bubbles around a school of prey, hemming them in.

When you see something so majestic so close, you might be tempted to get closer, but Torres says that people should make sure to avoid the beasts and let them feed instead and just enjoy the sight.

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