Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Newest, YOUNGEST Celebrity Crush on Ellen Show - It AIN'T Drake!

HollyscoopPublished: February 21, 2017Updated: February 22, 201721 views
Published: February 21, 2017Updated: February 22, 2017

Move over boys because there’s another hunky singer vying for Jennifer Lopez’s heart! And you'll never guess who it is! He's always tugging at a woman’s heart strings, and hey good for him for accomplishing to make JLo giddy with excitement. Jennifer Lopez was on the Ellen DeGeneres show today where she revealed to Ellen, who is very good at getting people to air their dirty laundry, that the she has a girl-crush on One Direction’s Harry Styles. The moment of truth came out when Ellen played ‘Who’d you Rather’ with the 47-year- old. Lopez was given the options of Harry Styles, Nick Jonas, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, and more! She chose Harry Styles EVERY TIME!!!! Umm…. I’d rather all of them… except maybe Brad, he’s an oldie but goodie, but let’s be real he can’t compete with any of those young bachelor’s. Okay, so there was a few times she strayed away from Styles, but that was for Lenny Kravitz and Leo DiCaprio, which in my opinion is very acceptable and definitely more of her age range! Ellen decided the British singer turned actor was her ultimate “boyfriend.” Okay, so maybe this isn’t going to be a SERIOUS relationship by any means, but hey it’d definitely rock our worlds. Now, I did some digging and as of now, Styles hasn’t spoken out on social media about his new found title of J.Lo’s Ultimate Boyfriend. So I wonder what Drake is going to think about all of this once he gets wind of his woman’s love-confession. Well I’m sure it won’t hurt too bad because as of recent there have been reports the couple has SPLIT for now! Also, JLo posted a cryptic message on Instagram quote on February 4th saying, “Timing is everything. If it is meant to happen it will, and for the right reasons.” I think it’s safe to say JLo is a free woman and can say, date and DO whatever she wants. But that’s always been the case for Jenny from the Block! Alrighty, now I want to know what you guys think of JLo’s confession. Is she a straight up cougar or straight up bad-ass boss queen? Sound off in the comments below!

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