Dog and crow play fetch together

Crowanddog Published February 21, 2017 365,008 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsHere we have such an unusual friendship of a dog and a crow. How awesome is that this dog accepts this crow into forming a friendship.

After discovering an abandoned baby crow in the woods, this man brought it home to raise it.
Quickly it grew fond of his pet German Shepherd and the two have bonded ever since.

Watch them take turns playing fetch with a ping pong ball!


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    That German Shepard is beautiful, I'd bet that crow os quite a character too. It must be quite a day around your home with those two together. Thank's for sharing this video with all of us.

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  • mozilianulb, 2 years ago


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  • tjames35, 1 year ago

    Thanks I long suspected a particular crow in my cherry tree likes my dogs. A female cardinal last fall for sure but crows too! I miss the cardinal it finally got too cold for him have not seen him back since then but would spend hours with my dogs.

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  • KittyCats, 1 year ago

    They are so cute together! Inter-species friendship is adorable, and us humans should learn more about love, compassion, and caring for other species too.

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  • boomerangsbyVic, 1 year ago

    I thought to myself how cool is this and it certainly should go viral. Then I see the views LOL.

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