Drake Has ZERO Respect for Kanye West

HollyscoopPublished: February 20, 20178 views
Published: February 20, 2017

Get the boxing ring ready, because the gloves are coming out for two high-profile rap stars. Drake and Kanye, back at it again with throwing them fighting words! Drake says he has no respect for Kanye. Drake straight up called Kanye out for that one time Kanye called out Drake for having his music overplayed on the radio! Kanye rants on about how he knows program directors at radio stations who love music, whose families love music and they’re forced to play “THIS BULLSHIT” cough cough, Drake’s music, over and over and over, not giving other great artists a chance to showcase their talents. During Kanye’s outburst he also called out Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi and DJ Khaled to name a few. So, over the weekend Drake went on Beats 1’s OVO Sound Radio with DJ Semtex. Of course DJ Semtex couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room and the question on everyone’s minds, “What the hell is Kanye’s problem with you” for lack of better words! Drake’s clap-back was very actually a lot more tasteful than I expected and I think he’s learned that to make a point you don’t have to be hateful. Drake told DJ “When I hear that, I just distance myself from it, If that’s what it is, I don’t even really understand the point you’re trying to make, but whatever it is that you’re going through, I accept it. I DON’T respect it at all.” Kanye was actually hospitalized not long after that random and bizarre rant and after canceling the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour. His hospitalization was soon after Kim K’s Paris Robbery and the couple stayed out of the lime-light for months proceeding both incidents. But back to Drake. He was also asked about his feud with Meek Mill, who used to date Nicki Minaj, who Drake is friends with and has made music with. His response to the fighting with Mill, “seeing people get so riled up on negativity, it doesn’t feel great. ... That’s just somebody that I never really want to be friends with” I told you guys, his responses to the feuds with his competitors, is really grown up and impressive; however, Drake is 30 years old… so I’d hope he’d comeback with a grown up response. I’m opening it up to you guys, what do you think of Drake’s response to the Kanye and Meek Mill feud… respectful, or were you wishing for a little more angst?!? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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