Piano duet with Peter the Elephant in Thailand

Published February 19, 2017 61,600 Views

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWow! Not only do we get to watch a piano performance, but we get to watch a piano duet with an elephant! In this video, Peter the elephant plays the piano only with his trunk, no one asked him to do it, he just wanted to! This is so amazing! Peter is the perfect match for this duet. He knows the exact times to play and went to join in with his buddy. You cant tell he enjoys the music so much, he continues to bob his head back and fourth enjoying the lovely music.

Peter is so strong, every time he hits the keys, the whole piano shakes! It amazing that he is only using his trunk the whole time. Go Peter go! I would watch these two play at anytime. They're one of the coolest duets out there! It's not everyday you get to see an elephant play piano. Together they will be the next famous duet. Awesome!

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