Artist Creates Incredibly Lifelike Chimpanzee Through Wool Needle Felting

Storyful Published February 15, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Needle felting is an ancient art of sculpting wool with the aid of particular, barbed needles. Repeatedly stabbing the barbed needles into the wool and pushing the top layer into the deeper layers produces the effect of mashing the wool fibers together into a firm, textile object. Apart from needle felting for industrial purposes (dampers, wrappers, isolation, etc.), this art and technique can be used for the manufacture of toys, puppets and dolls as well as fine art sculptures.
The process itself is an antique one, most likely predating woven cloth, and uses a renewable resource: wool shorn from sheep.

The artist in this video show uses time-lapse mode to demonstrate all the stages of the process of making a sculpture with the technique of needle felting. He begins with a wire structure as a basis for the future sculpture. Layer by layer, he wraps wool chunks onto the frame until he achieves a certain volume. Then, you can see a true mastery in the making: the artist is needling out the sculpture's future physiognomy - fingers, facial features, sinews. It is only after the darker wool is placed over the completely bare felt sculpture do the chimpanzee start to show in form.

This artist created a life-like chimpanzee, using no fillers and nothing but a wire structure as a basis for his sculpture employing the ancient art and technique of needle felting. The resulting piece is featured in the Chamber Gallery, in New York City.