Hong Kong's New Trend: Dogs In Prams

Published February 13, 2017 560 Plays

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In many parts of the world, pets, particularly dogs, enjoy special care at the hands of their owners but in Hong Kong, the four-legged pooches enjoy the status of babies.

These dogs are not only pampered with bejewelled collars and finest, stylish dresses or eating out at expensive restaurants and spas, but also get smooth ride in designer prams by their owners.

Walking the dogs out in prams and pushchairs has become a latest fad in the former British colony that has one of the lowest birth rates in the world.

As one walks through the streets of Sai Kung, also known as Hong Kong’s Back Garden, one can see locals promenading with their pooches, mostly with furs coloured in rainbow colours, sitting on the prams near the waterfront.