They Delayed Their Engagement For A Year – Then Something Amazing Happened

nollygrioPublished: February 12, 2017Updated: February 13, 2017550 views
Published: February 12, 2017Updated: February 13, 2017

It’s the most important decision any couple can make.

Aside from having and raising children, creating the relationship to foster such a family has – stereotypically – women crying “Commitment!” and men running for cover (or any combination of said fallacy).

The truth is, no one should jump into marriage, or a similarly-styled association, without considering the consequences.

There is a lot that goes with getting hitched, including dealing with the baggage that one or both parties can bring to the proceedings.

That was (partly) what happened to Seth and his beloved Courtney when they were planning their nuptials.

The couple appeared ready to tie the knot – that is, until the doctors noticed something on Courtney’s daughter’s x-rays.

There was a mass near her brain, and all signs pointed to cancer.

Within moments, Seth realized that his future step-daughter’s health was more important than a ceremony.

So they delayed the engagement and went about seeing that Taylor got the best care possible.

A year later, things were looking up in the health department.

The child was getting stronger, so Seth put a plan into action.

Little did Courtney know that The Joyful Day Giveaway was about to make the occasional all the more special.

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