Donald and Ivanka Trump FIGHT BACK Against Nordstrom for Pulling Products

HollyscoopPublished: February 9, 201735 views
Published: February 9, 2017

Nordstrom has removed all Ivanka Trump items from their stores world wide, and you better believe her father, President Donald Trump is not happy. The President has responded, BLASTING the retail store. Honestly, did anyone NOT see this coming? So somewhere between banning refugees and arguing with Australia, President Trump found time, on Twitter naturally, to discuss Nordstrom’s decision to make a ban of their own - the retail giant has banned all Ivanka Trump products from their stores. That includes high-end handbags, shoes, jewelry - anything with the Trump name attached. Trump's response was short and futile: “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom. She is a great person. Always pushing me to do the right thing. Terrible!” Ok, ok. we actually need to back this up a bit and give a little context to WHY Ivanka was banned in the first place. Ironically, it all started with what the Fashion designer DIDN’T say to her father, President Trump. Nordstrom actually didn't remove Ivanka Trump products out of the blue. The decision came after a long boycott of the store, which started as the hashtag #grabyourwallet on Twitter. Why? Well, just before the election, a leaked tape revealed that President trump and then access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush engaged in a lewd conversation about women. Ivanka trump never released a statement regarding the matter, which offended many women worldwide. #grabyourwallet began circulating right after the tape was leaked and encouraged shoppers to speak with their money, and NOT buy products associated with the Trump name. Fast forward to last week and Nordstrom decided to listen to their customers and remove the lavish products from their stores. In a statement released by the store last week, Nordstrom cited failing sales as the reason they decided to drop Ivanka's products. So the people spoke and got what they wanted. What do you make of the Ivanka ban and President Trump's response? Let us know down in the comments below!

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