Selena Gomez LIKES 'Jelena' Photo w/ Justin Bieber on Instagram! Are She & The Weeknd on the Rocks?

HollyscoopPublished: February 9, 201768 views
Published: February 9, 2017

Ok listen. We know Selena Gomez is with the Weeknd now, we've totally accepted that! In fact, we kinda like it! So WHY ON EARTH is this singer STILL giving us reason to believe that she and Justin Bieber are a thing?? Girl, we got some questions for you! Here's the deal: So this Selena Justin fan Instagram page exists… it's called ‘Jelenas Energy’ and it's actually pretty popular. 169K followers. Not half bad… ok so this page is dedicated to everything Jelena saying quote Supporting them both separately, providing their latest updates. Ok cool. BUT here's where things get interesting. The page's owner pointed out that Selena liked a photo collage featuring herself and her ex boyfriend Justin! These images were taken back in 2011 but she liked the photo yesterday! Ok for the record she went back and unliked it but not before Jelena fans went absolutely NUTS! What does this mean?? Like we need to remind you - Selena is currently in a relationship with the Weeknd. Are things going well? is she still hung up on her ex? Will Jelena live to see another day? These are questions we need answers. Luckily the internet did it's thing and gave us quite a few theories. The biggest one being that perhaps Selena - who's been working on new music lately - has penned a song about Justin. Honestly, this makes total sense right? I mean the 24-year-old singer DID tease us on Instagram last week with a snippet of a new song. The lyrics: “I had a dream, we were back to 17. Summer nights. Never growing up. “ Yeah, Selena and JB were together with she was 17… so this song is definitely about Justin right?? What do YOU make of Selena liking this photo? Let us know in the comments below.

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