Beyoncé SUED for $20 million Over 'Formation' Music Video

HollyscoopPublished: February 9, 2017314 views
Published: February 9, 2017

Beyoncé has gone from the highest of highs to rock bottom. Ok, we're exaggerating a bit but hey, losing 20 million dollars certainly sounds like rock bottom to most people. Wouldn’t you be upset? Beyoncé could be 20 million dollars poorer all thanks to this little YouTube lawsuit. Remember her epic video for ‘Formation’ last year? About a minute in you hear this guy say “Oooooh Baby! Oh Yes, I like that!” Turns out Beyoncé did NOT have permission to use that clip. Instead it belongs to the artist Messy May from New Orleans. Sadly, Messy was shot and killed back in November of 2010, but not before he gained fame on YouTube as a rapper and comedian, which is likely where Beyoncé heard that “Ohhh Baby” line. His estate is now suing Beyoncé, claiming she exploited his voice, and profited from it, without authorization from the family. Beyonce's ‘Formation’ was just a little bit successful and now the family wants 20 million from the profits. Beyoncé has not responded to this lawsuit. Oh but Beyoncé is no stranger to this kind of lawsuit. As recently as December, Beyoncé was sued by clothing designer Dwayne Walker for her 2013 music video Drunk in Love. He claimed she used his logo for Roc A Fella records in her video. The logo can be seen twice in the video on a chain worn by Jay Z. Dwayne sued for 7 million. So do you think Beyonce should have to cough up the 20 mil? Or does the family have no case? Let us know in the comment section below.

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