Boyfriend Proposes At His Own Surprise Birthday Party

Published February 8, 2017 244,725 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeWhen we love somebody, we try to do anything that will make them happy or smile. Birthdays are one of the special occasions when we want to surprise our loved ones. That’s when birthday surprises take place and in most of the cases they leave people with their mouths wide opened.

Steven Palubiak and Lexi Willson have been together for three years. They love each other and have been there one for another every moment of every day. As Steven’s 30th birthday has come and Lexi wanted to surprise him, she gathered all the closest members of their families. She thought that shocking him with a 30th birthday party will be the biggest surprise for him, but the tables turned as he gave her the biggest surprise in her life: a marriage proposal!

This loved up boyfriend used his own surprise birthday party to propose to his unsuspecting girlfriend. When Steven and his partner Lexi Willson, 29, flew home to St Louis, Missouri, USA, on Saturday January 21, she believed he had no idea about what she had planned for him. Surrounded by their family and friends, Lexi’s dad Harry hands Steven a "present" which contains the engagement ring and the crafty boyfriend gets down on one knee and pops the question.

Stunned Lexi answers the question as everybody begins to cheer. With all the laughs and chattering, it was hard to hear the answer, but it was an adamant yes.

Then out of nowhere some of their family members ask Steven "Is that one carat?". It’s always good to have one of these cheery, funny characters in your family that make everyone laugh with their clownish attitude.

Lexi thought she was going to surprise her loving boyfriend, but you have to admit - he had the better surprise in hand!

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