Brave Vet Rescued Stray Dog With Plastic Piping Around Its Neck

Published February 8, 2017 38,802 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAs the usage of plastic increases, it poses an even greater threat to the animals living in its reach. We’ve seen many cases of fish and other sea creatures growing around the plastic wrapped around their bodies, but plastic is affecting other animals too. From goose necks wrapped in plastic wires, to turtles having plastic nets stuck in their noses, to dogs and bears getting their heads stuck in plastic tubing, it is an enormous environmental problem

This footage shows us the incredible moment when a stray dog’s life is saved by a vet, who removes a large plastic pipe that is constricting its throat. We don’t know how the pupper got its head stuck in the pipe, but it continued to grow around it, constricting its air passage and creating bloody wounds from all of the chaffing.

The poor pup was spotted roaming around the cold, snow-clad streets of Bucharest, Romania by Ovidiu Rosu, a vet, on January 11. He was the one that noticed that plastic had been wrapped around the dog’s neck. Thankfully, after wading through a metre and a half of snow for six hours, the wild veterinary specialist got a glimpse of the canine. The dog was scared and tried to run away, but Ovidiu managed to tranquilize the dog before it escaped. The dog was not harmed any further and thankfully the vet was on hand to provide the damaged dog with a lifeline.

After safely tranquilizing the neglected pooch, Ovidiu managed to slide a pair of scissors under the plastic before cutting it off revealing the severe damage underneath. The dog had to go through a thorough check up and cleaning, so he was taken to the vet clinic where he received the much needed help and all the love he could get. We’re so glad he’s okay now!