Baby With Incurable Cancer Gets World’s First Miracle Cure From Groundbreaking Therapy

nollygrioPublished: February 8, 2017Updated: February 9, 201737 views
Published: February 8, 2017Updated: February 9, 2017

At the tender age of 14-weeks-old, little Layla Richards was diagnosed with an aggressive form of deadly cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After a bout with what her parents, Ashleigh Richards and Lisa Foley, believed to be the stomach flu, a simple blood test revealed that little Layla’s blood cells were failing to fight the disease.

Her tiny life was on the line. The protocol treatment following her diagnosis would be a bone marrow transplant coupled with chemotherapy.

But when Layla’s health took a steep decline afterwards, her parents were told there was little else that could be done to save their precious daughter’s life. She would die within months.

Her parents refused to give up and instead asked if there were any alternative treatments to help their daughter.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital suggested a radical new gene therapy that hadn’t yet been tested on humans before.

Cellectis, had developed a new “designer immune cell therapy” that uses the healthy cells of a cancer-free person and infuses them into a cancer patient to help attack the cancer.

Within several weeks, Layla started showing noticeable signs of improvement, something her parents believe to be an absolute miracle!

Eleven months later, Layla is thriving and after having another bone marrow transplant, she has been given a clean bill of health! Doctors who treated Layla say her recovery is a blessing and is hopeful news for cancer patients everywhere!

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