Joyful Girl Meets Perhaps The World's Cutest Baby Horse

Storyful Published February 7, 2017 77,911 Plays

Rumble There is something so adorably sweet about young animals. Their innocence is what makes them more accessible, and their playfulness makes people want to play with them all day long and forget about the world.

Meet Sunny, an equine enthusiast. Sunny had an exhilarating encounter on her visit to Florida’s Rapid Run Training Center. There, she met a filly she has described as “one in a million.” At her happiest when surrounded by horses, Sunny enjoyed her time chilling out with the young animal, even describing the day as the best of her life. Her jubilation quickly became a viral hit, attracting over 12 million views on Facebook alone in just the first few days of being uploaded.

We can’t really blame her for being so happy, because we would have been grinning like crazy too if we met that cuddly filly. The little horsie was so friendly she tackled Sunny to the ground and gave her a horsie-hug so big, her mom came close to help Sunny if needed. But the horse mama shouldn’t have worried, none of them were ever in danger. From the looks of it, the only ones being in danger are the millions of viewers, the danger of falling in love with that sweet baby horsie.

It’s so unusual for kids to grow up with animals. It makes them better people, and it teaches them to love, to take care of them and having a best buddy by their side to share priceless moments.

Animals are amazing creatures, and every kid should grow up with them, whether it is a cat, a dog, or a horsie. Kids usually find friendship and companionship in animals. Horses can be caring and loving animals. Once you fell in love with them, you will never want to be apart from them. This foal could be her friend for life because we can on the video that the foal really likes the girl and also trusts her.

This video made us so happy, and it is so sweet that it brought tears to our eyes. It really is once in a lifetime experience! This is the cutest thing we have ever seen. Animals make kids better people, and someday they will be grateful for that.

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