Shade Alert! Kylie Jenner LOSES Legal Fight Against Kylie Minogue, Called a "Secondary Reality Star"

HollyscoopPublished: February 7, 20177 views
Published: February 7, 2017

The lawsuit between two Kylie’s is finally coming to an end! Kylie Jenner and Kylie Minogue have been in a dispute over there name for more than THREE YEARS, yeah this is news to us as well, and it’s all finally coming to a head! This little spat all started when Kylie Jenner wanted to trademark her name for business and advertising purposes, because well that’s her brand! Kylie Lip Kits, Kylie eye shadow palettes, KYLIE, KYLIE, KYLIE!! Turns out the Australian Pop Star, Kylie Minogue, who has been in the spotlight MUCH longer than Jenner already trademarked that name for herself. In 2014 Kylie’s team applied to trademark “Kylie” and Mingoue was having NONE OF IT. The amount of shade thrown at Jenner is too hot to handle, as much of an oxymoron that is! Minogue sent a list of reasons for opposing Jenner’s trademark request to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. In the letter Mingoue and her team called Jenner a “secondary reality television personality.” SECONDARY being the key word here, as in you’re only famous because of your sisters, as in your fame came from your sisters fame for her fame in that ONE movie…if ya know what we mean. On the contrary, Minogue called herself a “internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known worldwide simply as ‘Kylie.’” Nothing like throwing shade and adding insult to injury, but then again Kylie, Minogue that is, does have the credits to back up her claims! Turns out the trademark office sided with Minogue and rejected Jenner’s request, but in true Kardashian-Jenner fashion she’s clapping back and already filed an appeal. This town just ain’t big enough for the two of them! Is this trademark dispute just plain ridiculous, should Kylie Jenner give up, or does Kylie Jenner have a point in fighting to trademark her name? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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