Big Brother Meets Baby Sibling For The First Time

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Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the heartwarming moment when a big brother meets his newborn baby sibling for the first time and can’t stop hugging and showering him with kisses. Cuteness overload!

Do you remember when you met your baby sibling for the first time? Every child wants to have a friend that will be with them forever and they always find such friendship in a sibling. One toddler couldn’t wait to meet his baby brother, so he and dad visited mom in the hospital, which turned out to be the most adorable first contact ever!

When Logan Crahan found out his mom Alexa had finally given birth to baby brother Liam at ProMedica Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, on Wednesday January 25, he could not wait to meet him. After an agonizing 14 hour wait, the two-year-old sauntered into his mom’s hospital room with a huge grin and his arms wide open, saying ‘my baby’. This is the precious moment when a loving baby boy is overly surprised to meet his little baby brother. Judging by the look on his face, little Logan found a best friend in the little bundle of joy in front of him and showered him with tons of kisses!

As soon as mom lifted Logan in her arms and held him next to his brother he starts hugging Liam’s head and covering his face and arms in kisses, almost to the point of hurting him because he didn't realize that the baby is too fragile for hard squeezes and hugs. Dad Alex said: 'The feeling when you see your two-year-old walk right in and go right for his brother is something I can’t put into words.' The proud parents of two sure have a moment to cherish for the rest of their lives! Luckily, dad managed to film the heartwarming reaction on camera!

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