Bullied For Her Dwarfism, This Spunky Girl Is ‘Shaking It Off’ In The Best Way

nollygrioPublished: February 7, 2017Updated: February 8, 2017501 views
Published: February 7, 2017Updated: February 8, 2017

Diversity is what makes our world a beautiful place. From the variety of our skin tones to the shapes of our bodies and everything else in between, we are all special in our own unique way. For six-year-old Rilee Thurber, being different is what makes her stand out.

Sometimes people stare or whisper when they don’t understand her condition; but her mother Angela wants to help make people more aware of Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, to drop the stigma from it. In October 2015, during Dwarfism Awareness Month, Rilee’s mom posted an adorable video of her daughter dancing her heart out to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

She wanted to show that little Rilee is just like everyone else and her sass and spunk will not only raise awareness of dwarfism but also bring a smile to your face, too!

About her daughter, Angela said: “She is small in size but huge in personality and spunk!” We couldn’t agree more!

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