Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan's Secret Super Bowl Chili Twitter Joke - Was it About Justin Bieber?

HollyscoopPublished: February 6, 20172 views
Published: February 6, 2017

Now, we've known about a Niall Horan Shawn Mendes bromance for some time, but last night these two heart throb singers broke the internet with a mutual love for Super Bowl food. It’s pretty hard to NOT fall in love over Super Bowl food. I had 3 brownies AND a cupcake last night, but who's counting. What IS hard is causing a ruckus on Twitter in the middle of A, the Super Bowl and B, Lady Gaga's epic performance. And yet somehow these two managed to pull off the impossible. While the rest of the world had their eyes on the big game, Niall and Shawn were involved in a bromance style Twitter exchange over chili. Yea, chili people. Niall tweeted to Shawn: You enjoying the chili?? Shawn, clearly just in stitches over the tweet - see what we did there - responded: hahahahahaha it's incredible. A Canadian made it. Ok. there are a few things we need to digest here. First of all - this is obviously an inside joke - so these two are close enough to have inside jokes. Cute! But also this chili must have been insane! So who made it? Not gonna lie, when we hear Canadian, our first thought naturally gravitates towards Justin Bieber - we can't help it! And we know JB and Shawn already have a bromance going on - hello, remember the Biebs’ epic love letter to Shawn over his new album? So perhaps justin made Niall and Shawn a pot of chili for the Super Bowl. Although…. some fans on Twitter began their own speculating, and we REALLY liked a few of their ideas. Like jenna who wrote to Shawn: “stop this! are you collaborating or not? This is information we must know!” And Manyele had this to say: “What if Niall is his opening act on tour??” And Shawn Updates simply wrote: “COLLAB” We don't hate ANY of these ideas but now we need to hear from you… First of all, what is the meaning behind the chili tweet! We must know! And second: are Shawn and Niall taking their bromance a step further with music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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