Selena Gomez was DATELESS for the Super Bowl! Where was The Weeknd?!?

HollyscoopPublished: February 6, 2017
Published: February 6, 2017

Poor Selena, there’s nothing worse than being the 3rd wheel on Super Bowl Sunday, right? Yes people, Selena was smack dab in the middle of a love fest on Sunday during football’s biggest night. Now this doesn’t mean she and the weekend have already ended things… no. In fact, things are super hot and heavy between them now, this just means that maybe Abel was busy I don’t know making music or money or both! Selena hung out with a few of her famous friends during the game, E! News host Jason Kennedy was among them… So now we know how he gets the inside scoop! Selena shared the picture on her Instagram story and despite the hearts drawn by each couple, we couldn’t help but notice Selena didn’t seem too thrilled about it? Okay, so maybe this was her way of playing it cool and casual, and establishing she’s still an independent woman! Just kidding, because just last week there was the whole Selena and the Weeknd had a baby rumor going around! Now, they may be serious, but they aren’t THAT serious just yet. The Weeknd and Selena visited his manager’s newborn baby in the hospital and were definitely exuding some baby fever. The Weeknd posted a picture to his IG account with the caption, “Uncle Abel.” And his manager posted a huge photomontage of all the famous faces who came to see his newborn baby, the weekend obviously being one of them. So, this relationship that we thought would be a fleeting romance, is actually a real thing! I mean nothing says commitment like holding a newborn baby, snapping pics with it and posting it on social media right? Speaking of, the couple finally went social media official with their relationship a few weeks ago. While they were touring Italy and doing what all romantic, crazy in love couples do, they posted pictures and videos of one another enjoying the Canals of Venice and taking in the scenery together. The two were first spotted together in January and the world stopped for a hot minute! So where do you guys think The Weeknd was on Superbowl Sunday? Let me know where you guys think he was and whether or not the third wheel look is good on Selena.

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