Chrissy Teigen and More Celebrities PIG OUT on Pizza, Wings and Beer at Super Bowl Parties

HollyscoopPublished: February 6, 2017
Published: February 6, 2017

Celebs love them some Super Bowl… and the calories that go with it. Oh yeah, if your Super Bowl Hangover, whether that be from booze or food, is still hangin around you’re in good company! While we all patiently waited to see if Tommy boy would win his 5th Super Bowl, we of course munched on some amazing football foods. Chrissy Teigen loves to eat and definitely didn’t shy away from the goods on Sunday! She and John Legend attended Super Bowl 51 and completed the day with hot dogs, nachos and of course alcohol. She live tweeted the event and admitted, she was a bit over-served. She has zero shame and she’s so honest with us! Thank you Chrissy!! Model Sophia Richie and company indulged on some Dominos pizza, wings, cina-stix, Coke, red bull and BEER!! That’s got to be like 5,000 plus calories… here’s a quick breakdown: • 2 Dominos pizzas – 3,440 calories • Cinna stix – 940, • Wings - 453, • Coke - 1120, • Red Bull - 880, • Case of Stella - 1420 We are DEF not throwing shade her way, we love a model who can eat and lets be honest, it makes me feel A LOT better that a super model was throwing back as many cals as we were! The always adorable Reese Witherspoon posted a cute Snapchat of her son helping her with some Super Bowl snack prep. Their menu consisted of cookies, pretzels and fruit snacks! Every elementary Peter Pan’s dream … aka… adults who don’t want to grow up! Sadly we don’t have anymore holidays to use as an excuse to eat tons of yummy and not so good for you foods… oh wait we do, Valentines day! Well until then we will hit the gym. Let us know your favorite super bowl foods and what you think of these celebs yummy eats!

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