Hesitant Horse Overcomes Fear In Spectacular Leap

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Published: February 3, 2017

Some of us are hesitant to try something new and there is no shame in that. Uncertainty is what pulls us back, out of fear of being hurt. Animals feels the same way, so they might need a bit of motivation.

Commando the Holsteiner horse is a four-year-old gelding that was quite recently faced with a brand new challenge. Commando found himself at odds when he was directed to jump over a small ditch, having never faced one before.

When he reached the ditch, it looks like he is about to jump, but stop and the last second and pulls back. His rider encourages him to proceed, but he keeps stomping on the lip and neighing.

Amusingly, he managed to gear himself up and leap into the air before landing safely on the other side. You might think that a show jumping horse would have overcome issues like this, but they might get insecure sometimes and it is perfectly alright!

It is always to be safe than sorry and this horse knows it best. His cautiousness make have seemed exaggerated over that tiny ditch, but having time to think things through actually prepared him for one of the greatest leaps in his “career”.

Further videos of Commando can be seen on his dedicated Facebook page.

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