Airbus A380 Makes Difficult Crosswind Landing In Manchester

Storyful Published February 3, 2017 931,815 Plays

Rumble A Fly Emirates Airbus A380 was landing in Manchester from Dubai, when it encountered some pretty fierce crosswinds. At the time, weather reports have stated that winds all over the north of England have reached 50 miles per hour, which of course made landing tricky.

The plane can be seen rocking side to side above the tarmac, while the winds were lifting the plane’s nose and disabling the landing gear to touch down. Hundreds of passengers aboard that plane had to endure the tricky landing during the Christmas season, when Storm Frank hit England, bringing gale-force winds. The plane was plagued by severe cross winds as it attempted to touch down at Manchester Airport. But the impact of the disastrous weather sent it flying - and this shock footage shows the moment the plane flew sideways in a desperate attempt to land. While it may look terrifying, it is actually a technique called a crab landing used by pilots in times of tumultuous weather

These occurrences are quite common all over the world; remember, planes glide on air currents and since they are not always a smooth mass, turbulence makes the plane sway, even so close to the ground. That is why pilot receive detailed training about landing procedures and use their skills day in and day out. High winds may be inconvenient, but they are not dangerous, even when they come across the runway.

Every pilot trains in landing at crosswind conditions, while also practicing to the airplane’s limits in a simulator. On the other hand, every new aircraft, certified to carry passengers, comes with a published crosswind limit, which is determined by a test pilot during the certification process.

And you wonder why people clap when the plane touches ground safely!

There is a common consent amongst flyers that both pilots and passengers attach great importance to taking off and landing, even though of the two, more attention is given to touching the ground. Even if the phases of take-off and flight along the route are carefully planned and executed by the pilot, a rough landing can cast a shadow on his or her abilities and competencies as a professional. If anything goes wrong, the person will forever be branded as a bad pilot. Luckily, the reversed rule applies: the ability to turn rough landing condition into victory can turn an anonymous pilot into a real legend.

When the weather conditions are bad, flights can be canceled or diverted. However, those planes that do fly are required to circle for a further bumpy hour as air traffic control tries to find space for them and informs about the conditions. Plane bouncing can often cause passengers to get ill and sick.

Rough landing can be caused by weather conditions, technical problems, excess weight of the aircraft, or errors in piloting. The term "rough landing" usually means that the pilot has managed to maintain full or partial control of the vessel, in contrast to an uncontrolled descent (accident), which usually leads to the destruction of the vessel. Rough landings vary in the severity of the consequences: from slight discomfort to the passengers of the vessel, leading to serious damage to vessels and passenger and crew casualties. If the aircraft has experienced a rough landing, then, even in the absence of visible damage, it carries out a list of compulsory works determined by technical documentation, such as, for example, flaw detection of racks and a complete check of the chassis systems with control testing of performance (the airplane at the same time is hung out on the lifts) and the so-called "leveling the aircraft" along the reference points, that is, checking the geometry of the fuselage for deformation.

There is a tradition that after a rough landing, the pilot gets a full round of applause and people start seeing life in a new light. And why wouldn't they? People whose profession requires them to fly long flights and often are especially under risk of an accident happening


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