Heartbreaking Story Of This Girl Who Was Bullied In School Will Definitely Make You Cry

nollygrioPublished: February 2, 2017Updated: February 3, 201741 views
Published: February 2, 2017Updated: February 3, 2017

When you are born different, life is guaranteed to become very complicated, very quickly.

For a seven-year-old, Shaili Kumari has had to put up with a lot. Born with a condition known as Crouzon syndrome, the bones of her face fused prematurely.

This gives her eyes little room to maneuver, causing them to bulge out of her head. It’s also caused other abnormalities in her look. Naturally, this has made her the target of bullies.

In fact, things got so bad for the child that she had to withdraw from school. Indeed, it’s hard to learn with insensitive classmates calling you “frog,” “alien,” and other unfeeling taunts.

It’s no better in her home village of Patna Bihar in Eastern India. The adults are just as mean.

Her father Pintu Kumar, 33, exclaimed, 'Both children and adults get scared and run away when they see my daughter. It is hurtful for us as they believe she is not normal.

Shaili's mom Chandni Devi, 26, is trying her best to ease her daughter's condition.

As for how Shaili feels, she told this to some international reporters:

"I feel bad when I see myself in the mirror and wonder if I’ll ever be like my brother and sister
I really want to study and become a doctor so that I can help people like me"

She is currently seeing a specialist who can hopefully help with her condition. Stay strong, Shaili. Never let the bullies and the ignorant win.

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