Watch What An Angry Lion Does To This Car In India

Published February 2, 2017 1,011,518 Views

Rumble / Close CallsIt is not surprising that Indian gods use animals to move through the heavenly expanses, and many of the gods are themselves animals. India is characterized by an incredible diversity of landscape and biological diversity. Today, as in the time of the creation of the ancient scriptures, sacred animals such as elephants, monkeys, peacocks and bulls are often found on the streets of the country.

Because of poaching and increasing the number of animals, their number has greatly decreased. A hundred years ago, the number of tigers in India reached 100 000 heads, and today in the wild there are only 1,500, which is about half of the tiger population in the entire world. Despite the ubiquitous threat of the extinction of many animals and the destruction of their habitats, the wild nature of India remains rich and diverse.

India occupies the ninth place in terms of the number of mammals that live on its territory, totaling a number of different species to 412. In addition, India is home to 12% of all fish and birds of the globe. In recent years, the protection of wildlife is intensifying in India, which is partly due to popular leisure activities in the wild. Today in India there are about 500 wildlife reserves, 100 national parks and 14 biosphere reserves, allowing for an independent journey to get acquainted with the kingdom of the animal kingdom.

This is why the country attracts so many tourists from all around the world. However, not living in tune with the natural world can expose these tourists to risks they were not anticipating. Watch the video to learn more.

This blood-chilling footage shows the moment a ferocious lion tried to topple a safari car in an Indian wildlife park. The gripping video shows two lions attacking the car in which a group of tourists was traveling. The video of the incident was captured by a driver, who was driving a safari bus in Bannerghatta Biological Park in Karnataka, India.

One of the lions is seen pouncing on the car and trying to bite off the rear glass while the other lion stands near the front wheel. The shocked cries of the panicked tourists are clearly audible in the video. But the quick-witted car safari driver managed to speed away before the situation got out of hand.

This video keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what the lions will do next! The situation could have gotten way scarier is they had been driving an open safari vehicle. Good thing no one got hurt, as this could have been a very serious incident!

Although lions seem cute out in the wild, it is best to avoid them as much as possible. Remember, wild animal safaris use covered cars for a reason. So if you ever have the chance to go on a trip like that, remember to keep calm inside whenever one of the residents decides to take a whiff at the safari car's insides.

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